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Hope everyone’s summer is going well! I’m sure everyone is trying to hit the beach so I wanted to share something I stumbled across randomly. I went to TJMaxx and found this work out DVD for only 5 bucks! It’s by SHAPE and it’s called Ultimate Bikini Body Work-Out with Dominique Hall. It has 4 components: a 30 minute total body work out, a 10 minute abs/core work out, a 10 minute legs/butt work out, and a 10 minute cardio blast. It lets you customize your workout using those components and it’s great! It’s definitely hard work, and some of the moves require a bit of concentration (at least for me!), but my entire body definitely feels the benefits! It’s only been a week since I started, but I know I’ll get some results because of the way I feel. Below, I list the pros and cons of the DVD.


  • Can be a full hour workout or a quick half hour work out
  • Effective
  • Total body
  • Able to personalize it to your individual needs
  • Challenging


  • The cool-down stretches are awkward and I don’t feel all that stretched after
  • The pace feels a little all over the place; sometimes I feel like she’s pausing too much between reps, and then sometimes I feel like I can’t quite keep up, especially when the moves require coordination!

Overall, it’s a great work out and you’ll definitely see results! I try to do it every other day, and the days I don’t do it I go for a run either in the neighborhood or the high school track. I try to add yoga in there as well, especially because I don’t feel stretched enough with this video.

Have a great work out!!


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