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Hungry Girl- Easy & Healthy Recipes

Last week, my family and I moved my sister into law school.  As sort of a “going away” present, I decided to buy her a cookbook. It needed to be one that has healthy and EASY recipes (love her but she’s kind of clueless about cooking), so I went straight for one that I had heard great things about. It’s called Hungry Girl: 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories by Lisa Lillien. Lisa is not a dietitian, but I definitely approve of her recipes. They are easy and geared towards single women, so  you don’t have to worry about making extra portions that you don’t need. Plus they are under 200 calories and low in fat!

I stayed with my sister for the first few days to help her get settled, and while I was there, I made a few of the recipes from the book. The first was a low-fat/calorie version of fettucini alfredo. The recipe calls for tofu shirataki noodles, but I’m sorry, I just can’t give up real pasta so we used whole-grain fettucini. The sauce included Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese and fat-free sour cream, and the recipe added some steamed veggies as well. I ended up using a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil to cook the veggies and added a little skim milk to the sauce to thin it up, but because the orginal recipe was under 200 calories, my modified version was still only about 450 calories. If your calorie intake was moderate throughout the rest of the day, your in good shape with only 450 calories at dinner! However, if you think you would like the tofu noodles, go for it- they are only 20 calories a serving as opposed to the 200 calories a serving that normal pasta is.

I also made a crust-less pizza. It’s basically just the normal pizza toppings, but on baked green peppers instead. It was actually really good!! Maybe not as good as real pizza, but definitely “stuffed-pepper good”.

One of my favorites was the dessert we made. It was basically a s’more sandwich, at only 133 calories per sandwich. It calls for Cool Whip Free, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. You mix the three of them together and sandwich it between 2 halves of a low-fat graham cracker, and then freeze. DELICIOUS.

Lisa Lillien has a few books, a show on TV, and a website. I definitely recommend buying her books, and her website has good information too, including weekend survival tips and new recipes. Check her out, and let me know which recipes you love!! I’ll check with my sister about her experience and report back in a couple weeks!!


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