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Happy Turkey Day!

So I know the predictable post would be to lecture on eating in moderation on Thanksgiving, but I’m not going to do that. I am all about living a healthy lifestyle and having your overall diet be healthy while getting an adequate amount of physical activity- but Thanksgiving is but once a year, right smack in the middle of crazy times so I hate to disappoint, but I’m going all out! My grandmother is the most amazing cook ever so I’m going to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing all smothered in gravy, green bean casserole (not as healthy as it sounds), corn bread and biscuits, and lots of candied sweet potatoes. Then I’ll have some of every kind of pie that we have. ūüôā¬† I’m very very excited about all this food and I’m not going to feel one bit guilty about it because I know that it won’t break my healthy lifestyle. Tomorrow I will be back at the gym and be eating normal again. Well, except for the leftovers tomorrow night ūüôā

I hope you all enjoy your feast, guilt-free, as much as I am! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Next post: My notes on the Vitamin D lecture from the Food and Nutrition Conference


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what do you love about yourself?

I Heart YouValentine’s Day is in a couple days! Normally, being single, I tend to just go on with my life as if it’s any other day. This year, I plan to dedicate the idea of Valentine’s Day to loving myself. This annual¬†flaunting of love and relationships¬†is infamous for making single women everywhere¬†think negatively about themselves, but this year I’m only thinking positive thoughts! I may have some qualities I dislike, but I have many qualities that I love. Instead of thinking of the few bad qualities we have and wondering why we are single, like I’m sure we all do most years, we are going to think of all the reasons we love being single and why we love our bodies and who we are as a person. I know it can be hard sometimes, but I know there’s a lot to love about all of you so I want to hear! I’ll start!

What I love about my body and mind:

  • My genuine smile
  • My big, brown, almond-shaped eyes
  • My long hair that can be wavy, curly, or straight
  • My perfect-sized butt
  • My flat stomach
  • I am caring
  • I am honest
  • I am a loyal friend
  • I stand up for myself and for others
  • I talk a lot; sounds like a bad thing, but I love it because it gets others to open up!

Why I love being single:

  • I can go out with my friends any and all days of the week if I wanted
  • I let guys buy me drinks at bars
  • I meet a lot of people; friends, guys, etc
  • I can go on dates with anyone, even if I see no future
  • It’s so exciting everytime I meet a new guy
  • No hassle of fighting
  • I’m not stressed out from¬†trying to make a relationship work with the wrong guy

I want to hear what you love about yourself: body, mind, and relationship status (even if you’re in a relationship!) so leave me some comments!

You can also tweet what you love about yourself. Fitness Magazine is having a body confidence campaign; just tweet what you love about yourself beginning with #iheartmy to send yourself a love note.¬†My user name is nutritious37 if anyone wants to see what I tweeted or to follow me; I usually tweet when I put something new on the blog. You can also read the stories of some women about why they love their bodies on Fitness Magazine’s website.

Check back here over the next few days for more posts and a recipe or two! I made low-fat brownies last night, but I have to perfect the recipe before posting!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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oops I did it again!

So last night was girls night, and I splurged a little. No, I splurged a lot! I had way too much pizza, beer, and yes… candy!¬† I’m sure many of you have these nights as well, after all we are human and all of that is oh-so tempting. ¬†Even though I am generally secure with my body, these nights can still get to me and make me feel guilty.¬† To overcome this guilt, I remind myself that, as long as my indulgences aren’t several nights a week, the one night is not a set-back. I am¬†a healthy person, and my overall diet is much more important than the one night. I also remind myself that I did not get fat in one night, and trust me,¬† you won’t either! Then I go back to my healthy diet, which is the trick to allowing yourself to splurge every once in a while. Do not starve¬† yourself because that will get you nowhere but light-headed and malnourished. I simply go right back to my normal diet, with slight changes¬†on that first¬†day after temptation has won me over. We do have some left-overs, which we can’t let go to waste! But its ok because today I will limit the portion-size and add a big salad.¬† For breakfast, I ate some grapes (I was still pretty full from last night, but I wanted to get my metabolism going), and for lunch I will allow myself to have the mini-slice of pizza (I promise, it is mini!), and a salad with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. For a pre-lunch snack, I will have some light¬†yogurt (I like Dannon Light and Fit and Activia) with wheat germ to add some more protein and vitamins. My snack between lunch and dinner will be some more fruit.¬† I haven’t decided on dinner yet, but it will be something with a lot of lean protein and veggies; probably a veggie burger (I love Morning Star Black Bean Veggie Burgers) and some green beans. Notice that the main source of starch (one form of carbohydrate) is the¬† mini slice of¬†pizza and not much else throughout the day. This is NOT because I support a low-carbohydrate diet, but because I know I ate way too much of it last night and I simply want to balance it out. When it comes to carbohydrates, half of your total calories should come from a combination of starches and fruits and veggies. I just recommend that the starches mainly come from whole grains and not white, or refined grains. When looking for whole grains, look for it to say 100% whole grain.¬† Brown rice is better than white, sweet potatoes are better than regular, and oatmeal is a great¬†source of whole grain too.

Another great way to overcome the guilt of last night is to get an amazing work out.¬† Like I said in my last post, it is a huge self-esteem booster, and after you’re done you won’t even care that you splurged the night before! If you’re too busy the next day to get a work out in, or you’re on your rest-day of the week, don’t worry because you’ll be able to exercise the next day and you can take solace in the fact that you worked out the day of your indulgence. I unfortunately did not have time for a work out before girls night yesterday, so I will be sure to get one in today, or if I’m too busy, I will definitely be back on track tomorrow!¬† After all, even the healthiest of us girls are sometimes too busy to work out. I just remind myself that there is always tomorrow, and then I don’t let myself go more than a couple days without.

Check back here over the next few days for recipes and more tips!

Have an amazing Super-Bowl weekend, and remember no guilt over those buffalo wings you give in to, because you will hop right back on track Monday morning!

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my journey

Hi again! For my second post, I thought I’d tell you a little more about me and how I came to be the healthy, well-rounded person I am today:

I wasn’t always so healthy! In high school, I was told by my physician that I had high cholesterol and high lipids! At only 17 years old and¬†115 pounds; I couldn’t believe it! This is when I gave up fast food on a regular basis, and my blood work went back to normal, however this was not the end of my struggle.¬† The following year, I went away to college and of course gained weight.¬† It’s been said that the mythical¬† freshman 15 is in reality only about 7 or 8 pounds, but I actually gained at least¬†20.¬† That summer, I lost almost 25 pounds, and my interest in nutrition had come about full force. Throughout the rest of college, even though I did gain about 6 pounds back, I managed to keep most of it off through eating sensibly and being physically active when I could.¬†¬†During these years, I was never completely happy with my¬†body.¬† Sure, I was no where near fat, but¬†I was insecure regardless. After college, I went away to graduate school, and had a complete attitude turn-around. I’m not sure when my complete turning-point was exactly, but all of a sudden, instead of being insecure, I decided that it wasn’t a big deal that I didn’t have the perfect body. I was not fat, I had some great qualities, and I was able to accept the qualities I was once self-concious about as part of who I am. I decided that I would eat healthy and work out because it made me feel good, and not because I was worried about my body image. Without even realizing it, I was eating healthier than ever (with of course the occasional splurge), and working out more than ever! I found a great work-out system that fit to my schedule and my needs, and before I knew it,¬†I was a whole size smaller and in the best shape of my life! Although I feel great about the fact that I got in shape, my attitude-change was¬†even more¬†liberating. Even with all the stress of graduate school, work, and my many other obstacles, I’ve been able to find happiness. It is such key to be happy with yourself, because when you are, all the other mountains you face suddenly seem like small hills that you are able to climb with ease.

I hope this blog and my story will inspire you to realize that you are amazing and beautiful no matter what and to aim for a healthful and happy life!

Take a look at my links page for links to help you get started, and keep checking back here for more tips and suggestions!

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